Water Powered Digital Display Clock

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  • Bedside Clocks - This clock (only clock, no alarm function) is easy to set, just press the button "MODE" and "SET" to set the clock, can be functioned as a learning clock as well.
  • Water Powered Clock - Time clock is powered by water, simply pour water into the container up to min level, the clock will start working. When you find the display becomes faint/weak, water needed. Perfumes can be added to make your room smell good.
  • Energy-saving & Eco-friendly - No battery or charger needed, totally battery-free design, thus it's 100% environmental friendly and won't cause pollution or damage to the air.
  • Safe to Use - The clock utilizes the electrolyte in the water to generate electricity. This process will produce some impurities which are completely non-toxic and free from heavy metal
How it works: 

All you need to do when it arrives is fill it up with water and a teaspoon of salt!