Do you only sell to the U.S? We are a U.S based company, but sell globally for free, regardless of where you are. If people are willing to make the change to eco-friendly, we are willing to make the change to free global shipping, because change doesn't happen alone, it happens together.


How long to items typically take to ship? Our products come from all over the world and may take time to ship. Some take longer than others, but all products are almost always received within 1 - 4 weeks, at your doorstep in perfect condition! Some products ship within 4 - 12 days!


Is your packaging eco-friendly? We are a startup and aren't able to always get the packaging that we would like, however, we are working towards that goal and hope to see all of our products having absolutely drawbacks to the environment. We try to use minimal plastic packaging by requesting that all of our vendors supply our orders with plastic-free packaging, though we do inevitably end up with some bubble wrap or air-pockets from time to time. 


 Do all items take the same amount of time to ship? No! Some of our products arrive to your home within 4 - 12 days, and some take a little longer due to size, location, and a plethora of other factors!


How do we interact with you? Email and instagram! Go to our contact us page to email us, or check us out on instagram @EcoFriendlyShopUs